REV Birmingham

Business Services

Skye Connect Incorporated was brought in to work with the Executive Director for REV Birmingham to work with them and CAC, one of their organizational partners, to determine if based on research and a strategic session, if REV and the CAC needed to continue to be jointly aligned in a formal and fiduciary responsibility role. These results were later detailed in the Retreat and research documented in a formal Strategic Planning package for REV Birmingham.

Girls Scouts of North Central Alabama

Business Services

Skye Connect Inc. was brought in to assist the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to work on a specific problem that was causing extensive volatile relationships within the organization. This organization was in a state of turmoil around the specifics of the sale of various camps, which are places where Girls Scout leaders and troups hold summer camps. The proposed sale of the three camps had caused major dissention among the volunteers, the Board, the staff and the community who use the facilities. After our work, the Girls Scout agency was able to sell timber around certain camps, put one on hiatus for services and discuss a unified plan to resolving the long term conflict.

Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority

Executive Leadership Retreat Services

Skye Connect Inc. was called in to work by the BJCTA Board of Directors and the Executive Director in 2015. The scope of work included managing the Board Retreat, conducting extensive employee survey, gathering information from the Senior Staff and overall build unification within the organization and develop a database of information based on research and validation.

After our work, BJCTA was able to have a clear picture of the concerns of the employees, identify critical areas in the organization which needed immediate attention, clearly defining to missing links in the organization based on the viewpoint of a sample of a nearly 40% of the population. Skye Connect facilitated the entire three-day Retreat along with preparing all Team Building events, along with creating an inclusive compendium report of the research and data conducted.


  • Presented to 20 guests at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (AL)
  • Presented to 200 at the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce Diversity Summit
  • Developed 3 series S.T.E.M. Program at Lawson State College
  • Key Note Session Speaker at Lawson State Senior Professors FAME Leaders
  • Moderator for Toyota Corporation Top Suppliers Session (Jackson, MS)
  • Speaker at the Gateway Supplier Conference (New Orleans) 300 guests
  • Key Presenter at Guy Brown Senior Staff Meeting (Orlando, Florida) 40 guests
  • Southern Heritage Business Classic - Technology Session Speaker (Memphis, TN)
  • Key Presenter at Women Business Enterprise Council - South 200 guests